Update 2

We've just published a new update to VekWars.  Here's a list of everything that's changed:

  • If you have a VR headset attached and wish to play in "mouse-mode" instead, press F1 or click the mouse to switch.  Pressing F1 again will switch back.
  • Saucers, fighters and crates have been recolored.
  • Levels will no longer end if there are enemy shots still in flight.
  • Fixed instances where the between-level screen would get stuck and not advance to the next stage.
  • Fighters now spawn at different altitudes and all around the player, instead of in one spot.
  • Rate of fire with trigger held down now slightly faster.
  • Enemy shots now have a color-cycling effect on them.
  • Boss enemy weak-points now have a color-cycling effect on them also.
  • "Low-shields" warning now only sounds when the player is down to one shield.
  • Title card now always appears in front of the player when game is launched.
  • Other minor bugs.

Note: There seems to be a problem on some systems whereby the game will not recognize a VR headset if launched from the itch.io launcher with sandbox mode enabled.  If you encounter this, either start the game from the .EXE found in the install directory, or disable sandbox mode in the itch.io settings.


VekWars - Latest Version 345 MB
Version 2 Dec 07, 2019

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