Update 5: Introducing the Abductor

Update 5 brings a new enemy to the battlefields of the VekWars!  No longer content with merely stealing crates of ore, Abductor-class vessels now attempt to capture the humans defending them.  Slow-moving but heavily-armored, if they get close to you they will attempt to pull you in with a powerful tractor beam.  Get taken all the way into the ship, and your game is over.  Even if you destroy one while it's taking you, the resulting fall can result in loss of a shield, so be careful!

Other stuff in this release:

  • New High-Score music.
  • Scoring and enemy behavior/spawning tweaks.
  • Sound-effect volume adjustments.
  • Landers holding crates now worth 3x as many points, rewarding risky play.
  • Lots o' bug fixes!


VekWars - Latest Version 178 MB
Version 5 Mar 03, 2020

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