4: The Rocket Update

Update 4 of VekWars brings a ton of new stuff, but the biggest change is to player rockets, which now home in on the enemy and explode in a devastating fireball, wreaking destruction across a wide radius.  

Here's the full changelog:

  • Better rockets.
  • Rockets can now be fired by clicking the touchpad as well as the secondary trigger on WMR/Vive controllers.
  • Landers now extend grabber arms with which to pick up crates.
  • Added a "hyperspace" effect to enemies when spawning in or out.
  • Tweaks to enemy spawning positions and timing.
  • Fighters and enemy shots re-scaled.
  • Add current wave indicator.
  • Rearranged HUD so that score doesn't overlap radar.
  • Increased range of radar.
  • Tab key now toggles between vr and mouse mode.
  • Changed between-level message to make it clear when new shields/rockets are awarded.
  • Lots of other little bug fixes.

The other big change is that VekWars now costs a whole dollar!  Get it quick, because the price is going to go up again with the next major release!


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Version 4 Feb 20, 2020

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