Update 8: Getting a big head

Well hello there. Long time, no-see. You might have thought that we were done with VekWars, but not so!  In fact, we have a clear vision of what "Version 1.0" looks like, and we've just taken a major step along that road with release 8. Here's what's new:

  • Added a brand new boss enemy!
  • Tweaked existing boss behavior.
  • Added tougher landers on later stages.
  • Fixed high-scores disappearing not appearing the second time around during the "attract" sequence.
  • The game no longer opens in a large window on first launch. Instead defaults to borderless fullscreen.
  • Looping sound effects now silenced when game is paused. 


VekWars - Latest Version 178 MB
Version 8 Mar 01, 2021

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