Update 9: Rewards & Consequences

Greetings Vek Warriors!  Update 9 is here!  What's changed, you ask?  Well let me tell you...

  • You can now start from wave 5 or 9 and receive a big score bonus when you complete them.  You have to reach each wave at least once to unlock them though.
  • Earn a bonus by completing a perfect warp round.
  • Explosions are now a bit prettier.
  • Added scrolling flavor text on the title screen after the high-score table.
  • Bosses are now harder on subsequent iterations.
  • Added separate 3D objects to first boss cannons.
  • Added boss spawn-in hyperspace portals.
  • Controllers are now visible (in vector form) on title screen.
  • Now remembers if the player prefers using their left-hand and defaults to that controller on next launch.
  • Reduced the score for destroying super-landers from 200 to 100.
  • Changed pause button to being trackpad or joystick click (depending on hardware).
  • Fixed the HUD sometimes lagging one-frame behind in tracking the player view, resulting in judder.
  • Fixed there being no score awarded for beating the second boss.
  • Tweaked UI colouring.
  • No longer says "prepare for next wave" at the end of a boss fight right before saying "prepare for warp."
  • Fixed the floor ring still being visible in warp.
  • Fixed not being able to fire missiles with the left controller.
  • Fixed the head boss occasionally stopping dead and not moving again.
  • Disabled firing with the ctrl key on the keyboard.
  • Performance improvements.

Enjoy, and expect some more exciting VekWars news soon!


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Version 9 Jun 13, 2021

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