Update 10 - A Sense of Perspective

VekWars is game where the player is mostly stationary, and just turns around on an axis rather than moving back and forth.  Most of the time we tested it with wired PC VR, which was fine.  But since porting it to the Oculus Quest and playing wirelessly we noticed that there wasn't a very good sense of having six-degrees-of-freedom while playing the game.  While it doesn't require the player to move, if they do take the odd step backwards or forwards step they should feel as if they've actually moved a little in the game world, and this wasn't happening.  It turned out that we'd done a bad job at scaling the objects in the game world.  Those little crates over there?  Yeah they're actually MASSIVE and REALLY FAR AWAY.  So the big change in this release is that everything has been rescaled to give a better sense of perspective while playing VekWars.

Other changes in this release:

  • Lots of new and reworked sound effects. 
  • Radar now flickers into life at start of game.
  • Controller models have labels explaining the buttons. 
  • Crate radar blips now blink when they're being stolen.
  • Bosses now appear on radar.
  • High scores are now encrypted to prevent cheating.
  • Oculus menu button pauses the game.
  • A ton of bugfixes and tweaks.

The next major update will bring the game to version 1.0 and VekWars will be COMPLETE.  Which isn't to say that there will never be an update after that, but that it includes all the gameplay elements we have planned for it.


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Version 10 Nov 13, 2021

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